Valentino Stole My Heart

The title says it all. I was originally going to write about my love for spikes, as I keep seeing them absolutely everywhere [not complaining], but realized all my favorites come from the genius himself: Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani [try saying that five times faster]. Sharing my obsessions…


Jute-Trim Rockstud Wedge Sandal in Ivory

[The picture doesn’t do these justice.. they are so gorgeously unique in person]


Allover Rockstud Sandal

[AMAZING! No words for these..Might be my favorites]


Rockstud Ballerina in Red

[I see these everywhere and completely love them with the right outfit. I personally don’t do pointed shoes yet, but just love the detail on these!]


Rockstud Leather Ballerina Flat

[My mom picked these bad boys up today. I love how into fashion she is! And so wish we were the same size…]


‘Lock – Small’ Leather Flap Bag

[Speaks for itself – an adorable pop of color. I don’t usually aim for silver, but for some reason I just think this works in every way possible]


Allover Rockstud Zip Dome Bag

[A Valentino classic. His Dome bags are iconic in my opinion, and what better way to deck it up than to pour spikes all over it. Genius!]


Glam Lock Colorblock Small Flap Bag in Soft Yellow/Pop Fuchsia

[The opposite of a classic. Nevertheless, still perfect. I could stare at this all day]

Do you love spikes as much as I do? It’s an unhealthy obsession!


Lovely week.

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